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St. George Solar Panel Cleaning


Submit your request here and we will contact you by 6 p.m. to give you a price for the service you are requesting. The process is simple and easy for your convenience!

Solar Panel Cleaning is an important chore to do in order to maintain maximum efficiency in your energy supply. Solar Panels are such a great investment to any home and we are committed to helping you gain the very best output from your asset. When solar panels are dirty, they cannot capture the full energy potential that each sun ray has. This makes it not only important to clean them but it also makes the most of what you have already paid for.


Solar Panel Cleaning is made easy with our water-fed system. It is a perfect way to wash solar panels without leaving any hard water or residue. No harmful or vigorous chemical is needed to perform this process therefore no damage is ever sustained through this treatment. We simply need access to your solar panels and we can scrub and rinse them with ease. 

In addition to St George, we offer Solar Panel Cleaning to many Southern Utah areas. These areas include the following. 

  • Ivins Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Santa Clara Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Washington Utah Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Hurricane Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Cedar City Solar Panel Cleaning

We provide free estimates for Solar Panel Cleaning. Each estimate is tailored to your specific layout, number of panels, and average size of solar panels. In many cases, an accurate solar cleaning estimate can be provided over the phone with some basic information. To receive an estimate for solar panel cleaning in St. George, fill out the form above. 


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