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Cleaning a Rain Gutter

St. George Gutter Cleaning


Submit your request here and we will contact you by 6 p.m. to give you a price for the service you are requesting. The process is simple and easy for your convenience!

We offer thorough gutter cleaning services for all buildings in St. George Utah both commercial and residential. Our cleaning process includes the removal of all leaves, needles or debris. Oftentimes downspouts are the primary collectors of everything that has passed across your roof and tiles. We take care of clogged drains and downspouts to ensure their functionality and prevent leaks. Each foot of gutter is examined and brushed, and washed clean. In most cases we use a high-powered leaf blower to remove the contents of each gutter. We blow the roof for leaves as well if necessary, to prolong the cleanliness of the gutters and downspouts. Along with leaf blowing, we perform a heavy rinse with pressure washers or pressurized water nozzles. We follow the length of each gutter all the way down each downspout. This step serves as a double check for the functionality of the gutters to prepare them for rain in the future. Gutter cleaning has a similar price as window cleaning for inside and out. Usually windows get dirty in the gutter cleaning process so we recommend getting your windows done at the same visit or soon after the gutter treatment. 

We can apply sealant to joints that are leaking or damaged. We do not perform complete replacement or repairs but we can help in sustaining proper function of already installed gutters. Our gutter sealant is professional grade and made just for this situation. We will advise you of any locations on your gutters that may need extra attention or that will need regular maintenance to perform properly. 


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