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Window Cleaning St. George

Window cleaning at its best! 

JONES CLEAN YOUR GLASS is locally owned, owner operated, licensed and insured right here in Saint George. 

We provide honest, affordable and prompt service that exceeds expectation. 

Hard Water Removal

Imagine your home with clean windows!

Clean windows make your whole home feel clean and fresh! We make that happen. We clean the hard water and the grime off of your windows and leave you with a crisp view of what is outside. 

Hard Water Treatment

Before and after

Window Cleaning, St. George.

Best window cleaning in St. George starts here! Locally owned, operated and insured, we are here to provide you with superior window cleaning for your home or business. Our window washing services cover all your needs for both residential and commercial projects. We understand the importance of clean windows in the quality of your life and home. As such, our priority is to prolong the life of your glass and views with professional techniques at competitive prices.

We have served the Saint George area since 2017 cleaning windows eliminating dirt, dust and hard water caused by sprinklers or rain. We offer hassle free services to clean and protect your windows throughout the year. Our process is methodical, effective, and streak free. We bypass the use of cleaning solutions such as Windex or vinegar and instead use a solution composed of cleaning products that are designed to break up debris and collect particles stuck to your glass. We then use professional grade squeegees and an advanced washing method to remove everything from your windows.

Our window washing services are reliable and easy to maintain. We are also equipped to preserve your Southern Utah views with water fed poles and filtered water systems. This is a perfect way to leave your windows spot free as well as clean the frames and tracks of each windowpane at the same time. Every window cleaning process we offer will both clean and protect your windows with sparkling clear results that will go above and beyond expectations.  

Commercial Window Cleaning


Commercial Window Washing St. George


Window Cleaning Services





Exterior window Cleaning in St. George can be tedious and messy. We know this and are prepared to remove all the spots and smudges with our deep clean exterior window cleaning process.

  • We use professional grade gear.

  • On our first visit we scrub each windowpane by hand.

  • When Necessary, we use a hard water removal chemical to ensure that all mineral, rain, bird, and dirt marks are

  • broken up and removed from the glass.


With our clean and efficient services, you can forget the endless hours of cleaning windows with a sponge and vinegar and instead trust that Jones Clean Your Glass will provide you with the best window cleaning service your home has ever had.

Customer satisfaction is at the top of our priority and we are willing to accommodate all your window washing requests for your home. We ensure fast and friendly service that will leave your home sparkling clean. We realize that window frames may be just as difficult to clean as windows. This is also a detail we focus on to enhance your experience with our window washing services.

Our water fed system is perfect in removing debris and dirt from window frames. It allows us to scrub down all the frames and glass as well as give it all a thorough rinse with crystal clear water. You will have perfectly clean widows, frames, and windowsills after this process. Whatever the need may be, we will meet all expectations for exterior window washing.

Commercial Window Cleaning

Jones Clean Your Glass is both experienced and equipped for every commercial window cleaning project in St. Geroge. We have cleaned multiple commercial buildings in the area up to 4 stories high and 76,000 sq feet. We offer both inside and out commercial window cleaning including partition glass or cubicles here in St George. 

Our Commercial Window Cleaning services may be offered on a routine basis or as seldom as once a year. Our commercial window cleaning process in Saint George is thorough and always done by had when necessary to remove hard water stains and other grime. Our pure water system is a great option for routine cleans and offers a deep clean on window sills and frames. 

Request a quote for Commercial Window Cleaning in St George right here on this site and receive a response by the end of the day when submitted before 6:00 PM. 

Commercial Window Cleaning
Interior Window Cleaning Saint George

Solar Panel cleaning

St George Solar Panel Cleaning is one of the main services we offer. Solar Panel Cleaning increases the efficiency of your solar panels which allows you to save on your power bill. Each solar panel is lightly scrubbed with a specialized micro brush and rinsed with purified water. this all in one system uses deionized and reverse osmosis filtering technology to leave your St George Solar Panels spot free! This is an effective method and recommended by solar professionals in the St George area. We provide this service to the following areas. 

  • Ivins Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Santa Clara Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Washington Utah Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Hurricane Utah Solar Panel Cleaning

  • Cedar City Solar Panel Cleaning

Solar Panel Cleaning St. George

Interior Window Cleaning

If you are wondering if it really makes a difference to have interior windows cleaned professionally, let us assure you that it most definitely does. Often times the interior can be the most neglected part of a window. 


The inside of a window is one of the main collectors of dust. Dust is an allergen that can decrease your air quality and create a film on the interior of your windows. Therefore, it makes a great difference to clean them in maintaining optimum health in your home.


Interior windows are less likely to have hard water stains that build up on the interior, but interior cleaning can still make a significant difference on the view your windows have to offer.

The process to wash windows on the interior is always done by hand and with immense care. Our process is clean and as efficient as all of the other procedures we perform. You can be assured that your windows will be washed to your satisfaction.

St. George Window Washing
  • The same cleaning process is used in the interior as exterior. 

  • All personal possessions that may need to be moved for proper cleaning are replaced to their original location after cleaning. 

  • We make an extra effort to wipe down all window sills during cleaning. 

Commercial Window Estimate

Window Cleaning Estimate

It’s difficult finding the right service at the right price. We have worked hard to maintain a competitive price to ensure that you not only get what you pay for but that you also don’t overpay for what you get. 


Our quotes are tailored to every project and in most cases, we can offer a quote right over the phone. It is quick and easy to get a bid for your home or business the moment you decide the project needs to be done. It’s just that simple! All windows in St. George Utah can receive an estimate. 


Contact us directly by calling, or submit your information to get your customized, hassle free quote for your home or office. Same day quotes and estimates are returned on all window cleaning requests that are submitted before 6:00 pm on regular workdays.

  1. Click the “Request a Quote” button located in the top right corner.

  2. Fill out the required information including what type of property (Home or Business).

  3. Add any useful information or questions you might have in the text box at the bottom.

  4. Click “GET YOUR QUOTE”.


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